Management and Leaderhsip development comes in all sorts of different guises. But how much training does somebody need?

The real answer is – As much as you can give them!!

When operators are promoted into a new supervisory or management role, we often forget that these people are no doubt outstanding at their operating role, but what have we taught them about managing people, process and standards? 

The most daunting thing about being promoted, is fear of failure, and not being able to live up to the new role. New leaders often feel they need to prove their worth by suddenly distancing themselves from colleagues who they once called friends, all because they now think that they have to be a different person. It’s often followed by the accompanying jibe from those colleagues of “You’ve changed!

Wouldn’t it be easier if we could prepare them for their new role better by treating them as a newly employed manager and take them through a whole new induction and training programme with before we send them to the lions?

 Take a look at what courses we have in our School of Operational Excellence to see how we can upskill your new and existing managers and leaders.