School of Operational Excellence

Develop your management and leadership teams at each level of the business.

Start with core processes, coaching skills, competencies, and standards.

Implement training programmes that will keep your business developing and succeeding.

Create higher performing teams.

Invest in your Teams, Management and Leadership development.

  • Lean Basics Course
  • Lean Foundations Course
  • Project Management Essentials Course
  • Build High Performing Teams Course
  • Managing Performance
  • Managing Workplace Culture
  • Coaching Essentials For Managers
  • Mentoring Essentials for Managers
  • Essential Management Skills
  • Time management
  • Conflict Handling
  • Managing Upwards
  • Planning for Change
  • Process Creation
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication
  • Housekeeping
  • Facilitation Skills

The School of Operational Excellence

Our aim is to provide your teams, leaders and senior leaders with the tools and techniques that they need to become a “High Performing Teams” and eliminate this issues listed above.

So, we created The School of Operational Excellence. From simple and practical bitesize training courses, Lean Essentials Programme, Lean Management Courses, Health and Safety, Project Management, Microsoft Skills and People Management training.

We have a team of expert trainers to help you to get the very best out of the people in the business.

The lean essentials programme addresses them all in a way suited to your situation

Low input

  • Minimal time requirement
  • Low business resource requirement and improved resource-efficiency.
  • Good value and great returns on a cost-efficiency-focused course.

High impact

  • Drastically increase efficiency and productivity
  • Cultivate better problem solving and improved risk and change management
  • Achieve your KPIs and business goals more easily


“We asked Chris to come and take a broad look at our operation and systems to see if there were any areas that we could improve or change.

We identified 1 key area that was causing us a lot of time and money and Chris helped our management team to drill down to the root causes and find a whole host of new solutions that has helped to improve our service.

Chris also managed a major operational relocation project for us at short notice. With his assistance the site was cleared in 6 weeks and with no additional cost.

I have found Chris to be very professional, personable and knowledgeable, and he has felt like one of the Fresh Start team. I am looking forward to working with him again on some of our new initiatives.”

Mark Walker

Head of Operations at Fresh Start Waste Solutions Ltd

“It’s rare, that you have the chance to work such a hard-working person like Chris.

I had the pleasure of working with Chris at Iron Mountain, collaborating on an M&A project in Turkey, where Chris lead our integration team responsible for operational integration.

I was amazed by Chris’s approach to understand the long-term business needs of our local business and take them into consideration in every decision he made.

Chris would be an asset to any company looking for a hard-working talented person to re-engineer processes.”

Tamas Wirth

Iron Mountain Europe , (Former) Customer Experience Director, Central Europe

The only disruption is positive disruption

Our tools and techniques are designed so your business and staff can easily adapt to them at the pace and in the way that is best for them. They are delivered in an easily absorbed course and we are always there to help tailor your new systems to your needs.

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