Proven operational improvement initiatives with a personal touch


Find your organisation’s route to success with our proven Lean programmes, workshops, and training courses. 

Identify, define, and improve business processes. 

Provide your leadership and management teams with the tools, techniques, coaching and mentoring that they need to perform their roles effectively. 

Improve team communication, workflow efficiency, productivity, problem solving skills, reduce business waste and more. 

Keep succeeding with us as a dedicated long-term development partner.

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Build your Business Operations Foundations


The School of Operational Excellence

Develop and streamline your organisation starting with management and leadership skills.

Courses and workshops to improve business standards, core processes, communication, and problem solving skills.

We train Lean and Management tools and techniques that keep your business developing and succeeding.

Low input

  • Minimal time requirement
  • Low business resource requirement and improved resource-efficiency
  • Get good value and great returns on a cost-efficiency-focused programme

High impact

  • Drastically increase efficiency and productivity
  • Cultivate better problem solving and improved risk and change management
  • Achieve your KPIs and business goals more easily

Does your business suffer from any of these issues?

  • Process failure
  • Lost or misplaced Information
  • Missed deadlines
  • Fallout and arguments between departments
  • Stock or stationary depletion
  • Poor housekeeping
  • Failed service – More than once?
  • Customer complaints
  • Lack of communication
  • Mistakes due to lack of training
  • Broken supply chains

The Lean Essentials

The Lean Essentials Workshops are focussed on guiding the organisation through the implementation of the Lean Foundations. They provide a suitable starting point for the move to a Lean Organisation.

  • Identify and Define Processes
  • Create a Communication Structure
  • Problem Solving
  • Set Business Standards

Lean Essentials are high impact with minimal effort needed, and are delivered by a trained facilitator.

Improve your organisation’s outlook with a proven workshops reinforced by a personal partnership.

What to expect from a partnership with Combined Minds

  • More successful process and project outcomes
  • Service improvement
  • Better communication and collaboration at all levels.
  • Improved bottom line
  • A prioritised and achievable action plan
  • Coaching and Mentoring Support
  • Supply chain synchronisation
  • More efficient use of time, capital and other resources.
  • Improved productivity
  • Cost and time savings
  • High returns on investment
  • Higher performing Leaders and Teams

Gain a long-term partner focused on your success

When you partner with Combined Minds, you get a long-term supporter. We’re always there to consult with you, understand your business and deliver bespoke solutions to the challenges you are facing.

Choose to move on from Lean Foundations and Essentials to reinforce and expand your continuous improvement by implementing further Lean efficiencies and systems like “Just in Time”, “SMED”, “Pull Techniques”, “Error Proofing”, “High Performing Teams”, or perhaps mechanical or software automation into the organisation.

Set challenging but achievable KPI’s and standards that will keep your business competitive. 

Whatever you choose to do, our resources are always there for you, including any future updates to the courses you invest in.


“We asked Chris to come and take a broad look at our operation and systems to see if there were any areas that we could improve or change.

We identified 1 key area that was causing us a lot of time and money and Chris helped our management team to drill down to the root causes and find a whole host of new solutions that has helped to improve our service.

Chris also managed a major operational relocation project for us at short notice. With his assistance the site was cleared in 6 weeks and with no additional cost.

I have found Chris to be very professional, personable and knowledgeable, and he has felt like one of the Fresh Start team. I am looking forward to working with him again on some of our new initiatives.”

Mark Walker

Head of Operations at Fresh Start Waste Solutions Ltd

“It’s rare, that you have the chance to work such a hard-working person like Chris.

I had the pleasure of working with Chris at Iron Mountain, collaborating on an M&A project in Turkey, where Chris lead our integration team responsible for operational integration.

I was amazed by Chris’s approach to understand the long-term business needs of our local business and take them into consideration in every decision he made.

Chris would be an asset to any company looking for a hard-working talented person to re-engineer processes.”

Tamas Wirth

Iron Mountain Europe , (Former) Customer Experience Director, Central Europe

The Right Choice

Find out how Lean Management fits your organisation by booking a free, no-obligation consultation today.

We are always there as your partners to adapt the tools and outcomes to your goals.

Basics already in place?

Improve your business to compete and adapt more successfully, while working more efficiently with our advanced development programmes.

Lean implementation

Make your business more efficient, adaptable and competitive through lean methodology implementation.

Statistical Analysis and KPI’s

Maximise process success and achieve your goals consistently by developing your business further using statistical analysis and KPI measurements. We can work with you to create SMART statistical goals that will drive your business operation.

Find your ideal place on the path to gold-standard success

Start-up or lean Six Sigma leader, small business or large enterprise – Our programme can seamlessly and successfully be accessed by and adapted to any business on any level in any industry.

Project Management

Bring your Business Projects to life and ensure that your projects add tangible value to your business with Combined Minds. We help you prioritise and organise each stage of the project through it’s lifecycle, then liaise with the relevant stakeholders to ensure success and value for all involved.

Supporting projects linked to our continuous improvement programmes

We are dedicated to seeing improvement projects resulting from our programmes develop and succeed. Where some long term and more complicated solutions have been identified, we can use our project management skills and competencies to see these through.

Adept and connected

We work with various associates who specialise in software development, operating systems, marketing, branding, design and media, content writing, health and safety, business continuity, quality and HR. As such, we can help to bring a project together and take the pressure off the business by controlling any third parties on your behalf.

To find out more or engage our project management experts, get in touch.